Diving Charters

Adventure Charterboats LLC and your local dive shops have teamed up to provide a premium dive charter experience. Why wait for vacation to go diving on a catamaran when you can go here, now? Come and experience the mysteries of shipwreck diving on Lake Michigan with us on MAI TAI. Over 4,700 ships have sunk on the Great Lakes since The Griffon, the first ship to sail the upper lakes, disappeared without a trace on her maiden voyage in 1679. Lacking the salts and marine organisms found in the oceans that corrode iron and devour wood and other organic material, the cold, fresh water of the Great Lakes is ideal for preserving them.

MAI TAI is a perfect way to get you there. Its wide stance (over 20ft!) make it a stable platform to rig and dive from. Large steps right down to the water on each side make entry and exit easy and smooth. Custom aluminum tankracks on each side of her hold your rigged BC and tank as well as your extra tank for your second dive!

“It feels like we are in paradise on this boat but my house is less then a mile away!”-(Beth G while diving the Appomattox Labor day weekend 2006). We limit our bookings to 6 divers plus the dive master so you will never feel crowded or rushed! Dive with us and enjoy a professional, relaxed environment on a truly gorgeous boat for your Great Lakes dive experience. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Scuba Dive Charter Time Slots
Sat and Sun 2 tank dives 8:00AM-1:00PM
Tues evening single tank dives 5:00PM-8:30PM
Tanks Wrecks Price
1 Willie, Appomattox, Gillen Tug, Fireboat 23, Norland $75
2 Appomattox, Fireboat 23, Norland, Dredge 906, Willie, Lumberman, Gillen Tug, Milw Car Ferry $110

To book Mai Tai for a private Scuba diving charter (minimum of 4 divers): 1) Pick a day and a time. 2) Check the Booking page  and either book online or Call Us ! We will confirm that the day and time you have chosen is available and book it for you!

If you are interested in a dive charter on a day that the calendar shows as booked please contact us as most of the dive charters are booked by dive shops and there may be openings! Unfortunately our calendar is unable to display which Dive Shop booked a charter at this time but we hope to find a solution in the future!

Customers are picked up and dropped off at McKinley Marina’s courtesy dock located at: 1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53202